we are doers. free thinkers. cultural disruptors. disciples. courageous. original.

the name

The company name, ‘Simply Surreal’ tells the story of what the team values most in life – the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the offer of His salvation to a hurting world.  Salvation is a beautiful balance of simplicity and surrealism. It’s surreal we can be completely loved and forgiven despite our many failures and be fully reconciled by God for eternity in His presence.  As ‘surreal’ as it is to wrap our minds around that, it is at the same time so ‘simple!’ Accept that Jesus is the Son of God, our Salvation, and the only way to Heaven. Surrender your life to Him and accept His forgiveness. It’s Simply Surreal!

the team

Simply Surreal started in 2010 as a Christian art gallery by husband-and-wife team, Donald and Katie.  Both with backgrounds in marketing and fine arts, they launched Simply Surreal as a ministry opportunity to use their God-given creativity and artistry to share the love of Christ and expand the Kingdom. After a decade of custom art, Simply Surreal expanded in 2022 into Christian apparel.

As Pittsburgh natives, they have served the local community and beyond in various capacities for over 12 years together. This includes serving at their local church, Haiti missions trips, Bibles and Blankets homeless ministry, and various fundraisers for non-profits. Together they enjoy traveling, hiking, kayaking, skydiving, soccer, running, singing (horribly) in the car together on road trips, good food, and celebrating life!