who we are


the name

The name itself, ‘Simply Surreal,’ came to me while I was developing an art show project in college. As I was always drawn to the surreal art style, I began toying around with name variations. It was a back-and-forth brainstorm between developing a creative name and choosing a name with meaning.

I landed on ‘Simply Surreal’ as it quickly tells the story of what I value most in this life; the gospel. Salvation is a beautiful balance of simplicity and surrealism. It’s surreal that we can be forgiven of all the ‘bad stuff’ we continue to do in our lives and be fully reconciled with God for eternity in His presence. As ‘surreal’ as it is to wrap our minds around that, it is at the same time so ‘simple!’ Accept that Jesus is the Son of God, our salvation, and the only way to Heaven. Surrender your life to Him and accept His forgiveness. It’s Simply Surreal!

the beginning

Simply Surreal was was officially launched as an LLC in 2007. I purchased a small commercial building north of Pittsburgh and lived in the apartment above. I renovated the entire bottom floor into an art gallery and started a screen printing shop in the basement.

What started as a way to showcase my work in the fine arts quickly blossomed into working with mixed mediums and commissions of many custom builds and fabrications.

the team

We are a husband and wife team that compliments each other’s creativity and balances the overall creative.

Donald has an AA in Graphic Design, BS in Marketing Management, and several certifications in the field of Advertising. He manages all the marketing efforts, creates all the fine arts, and builds/makes the custom creations.

Katie has a BS in Marketing and Communications with a minor in journalism. She refinishes all the furniture and hand-paints the home decor items. Katie also manages the copy and communications of marketing initiatives.